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Wednesday Co.



live well seeks to bring light to topics that serve our bodies; physically, mentally, and in this case, intimately.

Wednesday Co. is an inclusive condom subscription service that seeks first to cultivate community, inclusivity, and accessibility to protect one’s self and sexual health regardless of gender, race, and orientation.

the website and subscriptions are affordable and easy to read with plans that range from 3 to 12 condoms per month that are discretely delivered to your door.

what I truly love about this brand is that every month they donate 10% to a different charity.

they are currently donating to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps to provide information and support to LGBTQI individuals living in fear and isolation due to government and police-supported persecution and violence.

i am happy to endorse and support this brand.

Use code “VIRGIN 10” for 10% off of your month 🙂.

be sure to check them out at www.wednesdayco.com !